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Kevin Spacey apparently 'performed a song-and-dance number' during a bizarre deposition

Thought nothing could be weirder than Kevin Spacey's bizarre Christmas Eve videos? Think again.

A new report in The Hollywood Reporter runs through the legal issues the disgraced actor is facing more than three years after allegations of sexual harassment and assault were leveled against him. Among these is a battle between Spacey and House of Cards production company Media Rights Capital. MRC is reportedly seeking tens of millions of dollars in damages it says it suffered because of the scandal, which "diminished" the Netflix's show value. Spacey, meanwhile, has reportedly brought a counterclaim against MRC.

Part of this fight, the Reporter describes, is an allegation that Spacey groped a House of Cards production assistant in 2012, as Spacey is arguing that MRC wasn't "blindsided" by the scandal after previously signing off on a settlement with the PA. This case was reportedly submitted to an arbitrator last year — and it sounds like a subsequent proceeding got a bit strange.

"Like everything in the new bizarre world of Spacey, this legal proceeding turned surreal quickly," the Reporter writes. "At one point during his deposition, Spacey sprung up from his seat and performed a song-and-dance number in the conference room."

Spacey might want to take this case a bit more seriously than that, especially considering the Reporter points out it "may have the biggest monetary stakes" for him. He's also facing the possibility of criminal charges in London, according to the report, not to mention an ongoing civil lawsuit from a sexual assault accuser. Spacey has mostly dropped off the map since his scandal, though he's been releasing bizarre videos every Christmas Eve, two of which feature him in character as House of Cards' sinister Frank Underwood.

As far as whether Spacey could ever make a return to acting, the Reporter arrives at essentially the answer you'd expect to that question, noting that there is "little appetite in Hollywood to bring Spacey back."