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Biden's 100-day approval ratings solid but heavily partisan

President Biden is drawing mostly favorable reviews as he nears his 100th day in office, new polls show. But the surveys still suggest there's a deep partisan divide across the United States.

A CBS News/YouGov poll found that 58 percent of Americans approve of Biden's job overall, while a Washington Post/ABC News poll pegs the figure at a similar, but slightly less rosy 52 percent. Both surveys registered low marks for Biden among Republicans who approved of Biden's job at a 16 percent and 13 percent clip, respectively. In terms of the CBS poll, that's a slight improvement from former President Donald Trump's approval among Democrats at his 100-day mark, but it's well below the opposing party numbers for former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, highlighting the increased polarization in the country.

That said, Republicans are comparatively more satisfied with how Biden has handled the coronavirus pandemic. The Post's poll found that 33 percent of Republicans approve of his work on the issue, and 47 percent of GOP respondents gave a thumbs up to his vaccine distribution strategy, CBS reports.

The CBS News/YouGov poll was conducted between April 21-24 among 2,527 U.S. residents. The margin of error is 2.3 percentage points. The Washington Post/ABC News poll was conducted between April 18-21 among 1,007 American adults. The margin of error is 3.5 percentage points. Read more at CBS News and The Washington Post.