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The Daily Show's Trevor Noah doesn't get why Fox News is supporting the Canada trucker blockade

The anti-vaccine mandate "Freedom Convoy" of big rigs and other vehicles blocking three major U.S.-Canada border crossing and strangling the business district of Canada's capital, Ottawa, has now drawn the ire of Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Conservative Ontario Premier Doug Ford, major automakers, 911 operators, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the White House, which urged Trudeau on Thursday to address the blockade.

Even Canada's interim Conservative opposition leader, Candice Bergen, who initially supported the protesters, told them Thursday that "the time has come to take down the barricades, stop the disruptive action, and come together," because "the economy you want to see reopened is hurting." The protesters are mostly digging in and expanding to other chokepoints. 

"These truckers are finding a lot of support not just from Canadians but from Republicans in the United States," Trevor Noah said on Thursday's Daily Show. "Rand Paul, Donald Trump, everyone on Fox News are coming out in support these truckers, which I do find kind of funny. Because all of these people who are cheering on the truckers are like, 'Yeah, shut it all down, truckers! Bring the economy to its knees!' Aren't those the same people who said we shouldn't have any COVID restrictions because the last thing we wanted to do is bring an economy down to its knees? I mean, so basically, what? It's not worth hurting the economy just to save countless lives, but it is to make a point?"

The Biden administration is warning that a copycat truck blockade may be in the works in the U.S., starting in Los Angeles on Super Bowl Sunday, Noah added. "I don't know, man, that seems like a terrible strategy. I mean, think about it: You would be ruining one of the last things that everyone in America loves, everyone. You gonna block the Super Bowl? What's your follow-up, driving over Dolly Parton?"

The Daily Show also highlighted the dissonance of Fox News supporting the blockade of America's northern border by showing how it talked about disruptions at the southern border.