And you thought CNN's Election Night holograms were excessive. Meet the new Fox News Deck, which has been described as "the Starship Enterprise, but with giant iPads." In a video tour, anchor Shepard Smith shows off the "revolutionary" new studio in New York City that he says will appeal to today's "non-linear" viewers.

Yes, those are 55-inch touch-screen computers, which can be displayed on the network's main feed at any time — ideally not catching Fox News employees wasting time on Facebook. Twitter has, predictably, reacted with jokes.

Aside from the giant computers (which Fox News has dubbed BATs, or big area touch-screens), the studio also features a 38-foot video wall, which Smith manipulates with a wand that looks something like a modified Nintendo Wii controller.

"It probably won't be perfect at first," says Kim Rosenberg, a senior executive producer at Fox News, "but eventually this concept will be copied and become the norm."