On Wednesday night, Daily Show interim host John Oliver took another swipe at New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, but then reminded America that New York doesn't have a lock on "perverts" in city hall. Oliver, of course, was referring to San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D), who faces accusations of sexual harassment from eight women (so far).

To weigh just how gross the accusations are against Filner, Oliver introduced the "Eww-O-Meter." After a few allegations, the meter broke and Oliver started guzzling Purell hand sanitizer. Weiner is disgusting, Oliver said, but at least his sexually explicit texts "don't leave a physical residue on your face." For those Americans not paying attention to the scandal in Southern California, this is a pretty good primer.

Before dumping on Filner and Weiner, Oliver took aim at another unpopular political body: Congress. With only 17 percent of Americans approving of the job Congress is doing, and 77 percent disapproving, Oliver said, the federal legislature is on track to become "the English language's most offensive C-word." Emblematic of Congress' — and especially the House's — problems is the low likelihood of immigration reform making it out of the House. Oh, and Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa):

Oliver then turned the show over to the always funny Jason Jones, who took a deep dive into Kentucky's proposal to nullify federal laws that aren't popular in the state. Also, if you don't know what a "gander" is, watch and learn: