President Obama has won Wisconsin's 10 Electoral College votes, according to Fox News and NBC News. In addition, he has won New Hampshire's 4 Electoral College votes, according to CBS News and the Associated Press.

While Obama's victory in New Hampshire is not much of a surprise, the Granite State is still one of the nine main swing swing states, and a victory there brings Obama 4 votes closer to the 270 he needs to win re-election.

The victory in Wisconsin could be a much bigger deal. If Obama win's Ohio's 18 electoral votes, combined with his victory in Pennsylvania (which supporters of Mitt Romney had described as a possible upset win), he would be a hair's breadth away from the magic threshold of 270. That means it may all come down to Ohio for Romney, a state that has shown a slim but durable lead for Obama in pre-election polls. Here, some reactions from Twitter: