At the second presidential debate at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York, a member of the audience asked Mitt Romney to explain how he was different from former President George W. Bush, the last Republican to occupy the Oval Office. "President Bush and I are different people, and these are different times," Romney said. However, other than saying that he'd get tough on China and stop adding to the deficit, Romney was short on specifics. Here, some reactions from Twitter:

Obama seized on the question to say that Romney did indeed differ from Bush — by offering proposals that are far more conservative than Bush's. "You know, George Bush didn't propose turning Medicare into a voucher," Obama said. "George Bush embraced comprehensive immigration reform. He didn't call for 'self-deportation.' George Bush never suggested that we eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood. So there are differences between Governor Romney and George Bush, but they're not on economic policy." More from Twitter: