Facilitating real-life conversations
A Los Angeles restaurant owner offers a 5 percent discount to customers who ditch their cell phones at the door. [Newser]

Thinking outside the bon
Cinnabon rolls out its latest creation, the Pizzabon, which will feature pizza sauce and fillings rolled up in its signature dough. [TIME]

Marking your calendar
Captain America groupies, rejoice! Marvel announces that The Avengers 2 will be released on May 1, 2015. [New York]


Good intentions
A driver in rural Norway swerves to avoid a moose on the road, and ends up hitting a bear instead. [Discovery News]

Going on vacation
A prankster plants watercress in a vacationing co-worker's keyboard, and documents its rapid growth with an animated gif. [HyperVocal]

Fair use
Indie band Silversun Pickups sends Mitt Romney a cease-and-desist letter requesting that he stop using their song "Panic Switch" without permission on his campaign tour. [Death & Taxes]

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