Grover Norquist, the head of Americans for Tax Reform, raised plenty of eyebrows on Saturday with an interview he gave to National Journal, in which he said that if President Obama is foolish enough to let all the "Bush tax cuts" expire at the end of the year, "Republicans will have enough votes in the Senate in 2014 to impeach." The anti-tax activist holds a lot of sway over the GOP, with almost all House Republicans and every GOP presidential candidate signing his no-tax pledge, but impeachment is reserved for "treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors," notes Tanya Somanader in Think Progress. So "suggesting Republicans impeach the president over tax cuts is wildly outlandish." Right?

There's no way the GOP's that crazy: Norquist is just plain "nuts," says Nicole Belle in Crooks and Liars. And even with "idiots and clowns" running the Grand Old Party these days, "there's no way that the Republicans will go down this route." Impeaching over tax policy stretches the Constitution to the breaking point, and won't win any favors with voters, either. "You may think you rule Washington," Grover, but this idea is "just delusional."
"Norquist threatens impeachment if Obama does not extend Bush tax cuts"

Norquist was only speaking figuratively: I imagine these impeachment musings are just one of those "brief bouts of hyperbole" Norquist indulges in when he strays from his laser focus on "tax sanity," says Jazz Shaw in Hot Air. If he was seriously suggesting impeachment for "allowing a legally passed set of tax cuts with a built in expiration date to lapse," somebody needs to press him on it. But either way, Norquist should probably stick to pushing lower taxes and spending.
"Norquist: Impeach Obama over taxes?"

Never underestimate conservative activists: I have to admit I'm "a little less sanguine than most people when I hear that Grover Norquist is going on about" impeachment, says Charles Pierce in Esquire. Conservatives Republicans have been "thinking, and then acting on, the unthinkable" for years. And remember, they impeached Bill Clinton on almost equally dubious grounds, because they had the votes. So "if you don't think they won't try this farce again, elect them majorities in both houses and see what happens."
"The Grover Norquist 'impeach Obama' fantasy"