The video: Weeks after he dropped out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination amid accusations of extramarital dalliances and sexual harassment, Herman Cain has released an overtly sentimental Christmas video. The footage features an apparently original patriotic Christmas anthem, the recitation of Bible verses, various Americans wishing their loved ones a happy holiday — and Gloria Cain sitting next to her husband in front of a roaring fire, holding his hand, her wedding ring prominently displayed for the camera. (Watch the clip below.) The video was paid for by Friends of Herman Cain.

The reaction: This video is "more cheesy than a slice Godfather's Pizza," say the New York Post's Page Six. But it's heartening to see that while Cain may be out of the race, "Gloria Cain has no intention of dropping out of her marriage." That's clearly the point, says Alexis Garrett Stodghill at The Grio. Cain is still running for a cabinet position — Defense secretary, he told a visibly shocked Barbara Walters — and so "repairing the image of his marriage" is a must. And after 43 years of marriage, if Gloria "can cope with all of Cain's drama, and still appear camera-ready for promo videos like these... she will make a perfect political wife." Watch to see if Cain's "sugary cocktail of excerpts from scripture, colored lights, and soft focus shots" is persuasive: