Same-sex marriage may only be lawful in six states, but it's perfectly legal in the fictional Riverdale of Archie fame. Earlier this week, Archie Comics announced that Kevin Keller, the series' first openly gay character (who was introduced in April 2010), would be getting married. After coming back to Riverdale as a war hero, Keller will marry "Mr. Right" in the January 4, 2012 issue. Is this a natural evolution for the classic comic, or does Archie harbor a "political agenda"?

This is needlessly political and divisive: "It's unfortunate that a comic book series usually seen as depicting innocent, all-American life is now being used to advance the sexual revolution," says the Family Research Council's Peter Spriggs, as quoted by Fox News. This brings an "obvious social and political agenda" to comics. Some may find the storyline novel, but it's likely to alienate more people than it pleases.
"Archie comics announces gay character will marry — will anyone object?"

Hold on. This is great: I "commend Archie Comics for including the diversity of our country in their publication," says Charlotte Robinson at Outtake Media. "Homophobes" may take issue and claim that the comic is no longer depicting "all-American life," but the truth is that gay marriage is a key element of the all-American life.
"Gay marriage planned in Riverdale"

Eh. It's no big deal: Heavens no! "Another comic book has dared to depict a world that actually reflects the one we live in," says Jon Bershad at Mediaite. Of course this is going to spark outrage, but like the "black Spider-Man" scandal that proceeded this gay-marriage flap, it shouldn't. After all, it's rather unlikely that "all of our nation's children are going to run out and get gay married" as a result of this comic.
"Prepare for the 'outrage': Archie Comics to feature a gay wedding"