The image: A New Mexico man, Greg Fultz, has lashed out at his former girlfriend with a billboard showing him holding the outline of a baby, along with the words, "This would have been a picture of my 2-month old baby if the mother had decided to not KILL our child!" (See the sign below.) While abortion rights groups are livid, Fultz's ex, Nani Lawrence — who says she had a miscarriage, not an abortion — has taken Fultz to court for harassment and violation of privacy. When a domestic-violence court commissioner told Fultz to take down the $13,000 sign, he protested, saying the order violated his First Amendment rights. Not so, says Lawrence's lawyer: "Fultz's right to free speech ends where Nani Lawrence's right to privacy begins."

The reaction: Fultz has to be the biggest jerk on the planet, says Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky. And the most disgusting thing about his "humiliating" attack is that a mainstream anti-abortion group, New Mexico Right to Life, actually "endorsed the abortion billboard and let Fultz use their logo...." Fultz was trying to get across a legitimate message, says Angelia Phillips at Pat Dollard. In many cases of abortion, there are "wonderful loving fathers who would happily have raised [the babies]," but didn't have any say in the matter. The trouble is, says Danielle Sullivan at Babble, Fultz went way beyond expressing his views on men's rights. Truly "astounding": He doesn't even know whether what he said is true. Check out the billboard for yourself: