Donald Trump claimed last week that he's the "Democrats' worst nightmare." But after telling The Wall Street Journal that he would "probably" run as an independent candidate if he does not win the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, Trump is more likely haunting the dreams of prominent Republicans. Many are dismissing the real estate mogul's flirtation with the presidency as a publicity stunt, but Trump tied with Mike Huckabee as the top 2012 GOP contender in a recent poll and Republicans worry that he'll split party votes as an independent candidate. Is Trump trouble for the GOP? (Watch an MSNBC discussion about Trump's potential run.)

Yes. Republicans will be losing sleep over this: The only difference between Trump and Ross Perot, says Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, "seems to be that Perot was a better businessman." A Trump "vanity campaign" would be a "nightmare scenario for Republicans in this cycle" — likely handing Obama a second term by "splitting the anti-Obama vote." Isn't there a way the GOP can "nip this in the bud"?
"Trump says he'd probably run as independent if he doesn't win Republican nomination"

No. Trump is doing great things for the GOP: Au contraire, says Kyle Wingfield at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "Trump is doing Republicans a big favor right now" by dominating media coverage and "taking up all the oyxgen." We're still 18 months away from the general election. The fewer opportunities Mitt Romney and other candidates have to "say things they end up regretting, or having to take back or flip-flop on," the better.
"Too much Trump? Not for the other GOP candidates."

Blame greedy politicos for Trump's third-party dreams: Trump is flirting with an independent run, says John Ellis at Business Insider, because hungry political consultants are "bombarding" him with optimistic analyses in the hope he'll be their "entire meal ticket for this election cycle." As soon as he grasps the "con" — and realizes there's no conceivable way he could win as an independent — he'll understand his political ambitions are a fever dream.
"What's really going on with Donald Trump"