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Charlie Crist

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Marco Rubio

Basic Info: Gov of Florida

Age: 54

Fmr speaker of Fla. House

Age: 53

  • Pro choice
  • Supports stimulus plan
  • Opposes Obama's health-care reform
  • Pro life
  • Opposes stimulus plan
  • Opposes Obama's health-care reform
Polling At: 31% 43%
Campaign Chest: $1.4 million $5.6 million
Key Quote: "It's abundantly clear to me that there's an extreme right faction in the Republican party." "I think all the extreme views today in American politics are largely found on the left."
Petty Controversy: Accused of running up hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal charges as part of Florida GOP spending scandal Accused by opponent of using taxpayer funds to get his back waxed
Wild card: Democrat Kendrick Meek is currently polling at around 20%, and will likely siphon many votes away from Crist.
Dueling Ads:

"Independence": Crist argues that he has stood up to "right wing party bosses" before, and that this time he'll derail Marco Rubio's "extreme agenda."

After all the campaign attacks, Rubio says the important question is whether our children will inherit a "diminished country" or a stronger one.

Charlie Crist's "Independence":


Marco Rubio's "Noise":