The video: President Obama's trip to Philadelphia to rally the Democrat base did not go smoothly. Not only did a member of the crowd hurl a book at the president (see 00:23 in the video below) but a pudgy promotionally-minded streaker further disrupted the event. Although the first incident evoked the 2008 Baghdad press conference when an angry Iraqi journalist pelted his shoe at President Bush, a Secret Service spokesperson says the "over-exuberant" book-tosser just wanted the president to read a book he'd written. The streaker's appearance was, it seems, engineered by Akli David, a British billionaire who's earned headlines by offering $1 million to the first person to streak in front of the president with the name of David's website,, written on his chest.
The reaction:
If it was the streaker who threw the book, "I don't want to know how he smuggled it in," jokes Doug Powers at Looks like the Left has "finally found their 'out of control teabagger,'" though. (The Secret Service says the two incidents aren't related.)  But this "security lapse" is no laughing matter, says Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs. "Somebody in the President's security detail wasn't alert enough today." Watch the clip: