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Russ Feingold

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Ron Johnson

Basic Info: Three-term incumbent senator from Wisc.; Age: 57 CEO of packing materials company; Age: 55
  • Voted in favor of healthcare reform
  • Wants to extend Bush tax cuts only for middle class
  • Supports a legislative solution to reducing greenhouse emissions
  • Wants to see "Obamacare" repealed
  • Wants to extend Bush tax cuts for middle class and wealthy
  • Doesn't believe climate change is caused by human activity
Polling At: 43% 52%
Campaign Chest: $3.1 million $1.6 million
Key Quote: "There appears to be a systematic, conscious attempt to dismantle this president." "I would like to ask Russ, 'Have you ever witnessed a partial-birth abortion?'"
Petty Controversy: Ad touting stimulus job creation shows someone named Elizabeth M. Ackland being hired — apparently, no such person exists Played key role in bringing Charles Murray, author of "The Bell Curve," to speak at an Oshkosh educational event
Wild card: This is Ron Johnson's first political campaign
Dueling Ads: "On our side":  Feingold touts his opposition to TARP and his support for extending jobless benefits "57": Johnson argues that there are too many lawyers in the Senate and too few manufacturers

Russ Feingold's "On our side:


Ron Johnson's "57":