The video: Backlash from a commercial that Andy Griffith, 84, filmed about Medicare for the federal government back in July is apparently diminishing his political influence. In the spot, the actor and once-powerful endorser of Democratic candidates and causes promised that Obama's health care law would yield "more good things." The ad, which reportedly cost taxpayers $700,000, angered Republicans — including Sen. Richard Burr from Griffith's home state, North Carolina — and the fallout has seemingly hurt Griffith's standing with his fellow North Carolinians, with his unfavorable rating jumping from 9 percent two years ago to 22 percent, according to a new survey from Raleigh-based Public Policy Polling.
The reaction:
Boy, Sheriff Andy really blew it, says Jim Treacher at The Daily Caller. The beloved star of "The Andy Griffith Show" has thrown away 50 years of good faith with a 30-second ad. Not necessarily, says Christina Wilkie at The Hill. This may be less about Griffith and more about "rising anti-Democrat sentiment in North Carolina" — and a reflection of how much "political heat" Democrats are facing this fall. Watch the ad below: