Bob Woodward's long-awaited book on the Obama presidency now has a release date (September 27) and a title: Obama's Wars. Since breaking the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s, the consumately well-connected journalist has written influential and scoop-heavy books on the presidencies of George W. Bush, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton. While the precise contents of this latest book are a closely-guarded secret, that hasn't stopped pundits guessing what might be inside:

A focus on Afghanistan over Iraq: The publicity material for Obama's Wars describes its focus as being on the "worldwide fight against terrorism," says Hillel Italie at the Associated Press. But despite the plural in the title, our sources say it includes "little on the Iraq conflict," and is more about how Obama's foreign policy has shaped the war in Afghanistan. 
"Woodward's book to be called Obama's Wars"

The military will come off better than Obama: Washington is worried that a "real clash between the Administration and the military is looming," says Joe Klein at Time, and Woodward's book "could well strengthen the military's hand." Early word says the book will characterize Obama's handling of the Afghanistan War as "messy and chaotic," and could end up portraying him as an "indecisive, non-military wimp."
"The crisis in Afghanistan"

More of the same: Anyone who has ever read a book by Woodward will know what to expect, says Alex Pareene at Salon. Namely, "awesome invented scenes with totally realistic-sounding dialogue," plus "those bits where he tells you what certain people were 'thinking' during meetings." What else would this "famous flatterer of Washington's career elite" publish?
"Bob Woodward's Obama book: Will it be as bad as its cover?"