A week after news that "Sarah Palin's Alaska" is coming to The Learning Channel, it seems that Levi Johnston, father of Bristol Palin's child, may soon get his own "Alaska-based" reality show. Johnston is reportedly pitching his currently untitled series to cable networks as "a sort of 'Entourage' on ice," starring himself, reports Radar Online, as "one of the world's most famous teenagers" juggling "business opportunities, strange offers, appearances and...lots and lots of women." Of Palin's new show, Johnston has said, "Good for her, but mine is gonna beat it." Bloggers weigh in on the potential ratings showdown:

Sarah Palin, for the win: Palin's series, conceived to showcase "the beauty and the adventure of Alaska," is obviously the higher-minded pursuit, says Cassy Fiano in Hot Air. "From the sounds of it, Levi's "'Jersey Shore'-style show" will portray young Alaskans as "nothing more than idiotic, adrenaline-seeking hicks." Even if he's trying to find new ways to provide child support, "I still can’t help but think 'deadbeat dad' every time I see him."
"Levi Johnston is now invading your televisions"

Johnston has Palin beat, hands down: "Any normal sane human," says political blog Wonkette, would prefer to watch the "awesome"-sounding Levi Johnston show — after all, it's rumored that he'll be riding "pimped out snow machines with jet fuel in them" — than watch the "perennially bewigged Sarah Palin" wander about the hinterlands. That said, the odds of a network green-lighting Levi's show seem infinitesimal.
"Levi Johnston might get his own show, too!"

What an irresistible rivalry: I "simply cannot wait" for this "battle of the Alaska reality shows," says blogger Mean Betty at Betty Confidential. Palin's star power could easily over-shadow Johnston's "hunting and fishing" take on 'Entourage,' but, then again, he doesn't have to worry about his "rep with the Republican party." Also tantalizing: The guest-stars question. Would Perez Hilton, a possible Johnston guest, "outdo" John McCain?
"Mean Betty on Levi Johnston's reality show"