Wealthy contributors to the GOP are reportedly "shunning" the Republican National Committee over concerns that Chairman Michael Steele may be more focused on promoting his new book and collecting personal speaking fees than on the needs of the party. Since he took over as leader a year ago, the RNC's cash levels have fallen from $22.8 million to just $8.7 million. Steele's response to the wave of censure has been to tell his critics to "shut up" and "get a life." Can he still be an effective leader for the GOP?

Time's up, Steele: Michael Steele needs to go, says Yomin Postelnik in The Sonoran Weekely Review. Not only is Steele "clueless on policy, devoid of ideas and bereft of a competitive political philosophy," he's dragging the GOP down with his latest round of rash remarks. By telling Sean Hannity in an interview that Republicans don't have a chance at re-taking the House of Representatives in 2010, Steele is "deflating" the morale of the party. "Chairman Steele," there are plenty of Democrats "perfectly capable" of attacking Republicans. "They don’t need your help."
"An open call for the resignation of Michael Steele"

Steele deserves our continued loyalty: "Let's give credit where credit is due," says Shannon Bell in Right Pundits. Steele has been "very vocal in his opposition to Obama" when Congressional leadership "hasn't." And now that he's begun voicing support for the "grassroots" Tea Party movement, "he’s catching it from the establishment." But Steele remains a "great asset for the Republican Party" — and "I'm with him" when he tells his critics to "shut up."
"Michael Steele: 'Get a life or shut up'; RNC donors say shut up"

Now or later?: Steele is a "fool" and "buffoon," says David Corn in Politics Daily. Even speaking as a liberal, it's clearly in the best interest of the Republican party to give him the ax. "But bounce the first African-American head of the GOP, at the start of an election season? That sure wouldn't look good." But given the unlikelihood of Steele "getting his act together," the cost of waiting till after the elections might also be too high.
"Michael Steele: Should he go now... or later?"


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