Politiken, a Danish newspaper, has published a provocative editorial comparing Obama to Jesus of Nazareth — with the 44th president emerging the "greater" man. While the two have some remarkable similarities, according to Politiken, including their "humble beginnings" and desire to stand up for "the weak and vulnerable," the health reform bill and stimulus package are political miracles that outmatch Jesus' healings. Is Politiken making a serious point about the scope of Obama's accomplishments in his first year, or just trying to be provocative?

Maybe Hitler is the more apt comparison?: This "over-the-top devotion" by Europeans to a "charismatic leader" sounds familiar, says Jim Geraghty in the National Review Online. OK, so it was the Germans who began "chanting in unison" when viewing their leader through a "mystical, obsessive lens" back in 1939 — but, really, should we be surprised at this?
"Danish newspaper: Obama is, of course, greater than Jesus"

Financially, they might have a point: I'm not sure this editorial isn't a "hoax," says Doug Gibson at the Standard Examiner, but there is an economic argument of sorts to be made in favour of Obama. Jesus's "personal economic system" would likely lead to "ruin within months," while the President's proposed "national economic system" will take "several years" or "even a decade or two" to ruin the country.
"Danish newspaper: Obama is greater than Jesus"

It's difficult to take this seriously: It sounds like the "Danish sense of humour" could be at work here, says Allahpundit at Hot Air. But if you "think about it" some of the comparisons make sense. Just as Jesus made "water into wine," so the President has created "money from thin air." Perhaps if you're a "left wing atheist," distinguishing Obama from the Saviour could be a "toughie." 
"Danish magazine: Obama's greater than Jesus"