A recent Gallup poll found that 71 percent of Republicans would consider voting for former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee in 2012 — compared with only 65 percent for his heavyweight rivals Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. Is "Huck" officially the frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination? (Watch Mike Huckabee deliver a September speech that criticizes the Obama administration)

Huckabee is building momentum: The governor-turned-Fox News host "should be considered the early favorite" for 2012 says Alexander Mooney on CNN. Building on his "consistent" success in the polls, Huckabee is embarking on a book tour through "some of the country’s most conservative townships" that should help shore up that base, especially in "politically important Iowa."
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Gallop's poll under-represents Palin's base:
Huckabee could interview "live extraterrestrials" on Fox and still receive only a "fraction" of the "sustained media attention" lavished on his rival Sarah Palin, says Dr Zero at Hot Air. Palin, who also has a new book to promote, has shown a "willingness to take risks" and "stand her ground under fire." Sorry Mike, but "those are qualities Republican voters will be looking for."
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Huckabee can't raise money "at this level": Polls don't matter, says Max Twain at Race42012.com, given Huckabee's “inability” to raise funds. However charming, Huck will be a "tough sell" to GOP voters in 2012 when he'll have to face the "billion dollar Obama Machine."
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