A majority of Americans think Sarah Palin is honest and trustworthy, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research poll. But 70 percent of respondents said the former Republican vice presidential candidate is not qualified to be president. Do Palin's poll numbers matter?

They do if she ever wants to return to politics: Poll numbers "can and do change," says Marc Ambinder in The Atlantic. "But unfavorable ratings are hard to dislodge. Since Palin's is based on her perceived lack of experience, one presumes that she would do well to gain experience if she wants to run for president" in 2012.
"Palin's honest but unqualified, Americans say"

Palin has plenty of ardent fans to be a contender: Sarah Palin may very well decide not to run for president in 2012, says Chris Cillizza in The Washington Post. But, despite her falling favorability ratings, she still has more Republican support (21 percent) than any GOP rival except Mike Huckabee (25 percent). "The field is far from set," but Palin's no dark horse if she decides to run.
"No room for a 2012 underdog?"

The important thing is that people trust Palin: It doesn't matter that more Republican voters like Mike Huckabee, said the blog Left Coast Rebel. The important thing is that Americans think Palin is "trustworthy" and "genuine." Those traits will be crucial after four years of "Obamanation" -- people will gradually see that Palin's presidential as they get to know her better.
"Sarah Palin CNN poll: Presidential qualification"