There are plenty of people spewing Obama hatred these days, said John Aravosis in AmericaBlog, but "this is beyond the pale." columnist John L. Perry wrote a column saying there's a growing chance the military will intervene to resolve what Perry called the "Obama problem." If Democrats don't stand up and shut down this kind of right-wing talk right now, "I fear we are going to see violence in this country." (Newsmax has taken down Perry's column, but you can read an excerpt at Media Matters); read Newsmax's statement on why it pulled down Perry's blog post)

The Right doesn't have "a monopoly on paranoid ranters," said Ed Morrissey in Hot Air. Writer Gore Vidal—who backed President Obama's candidacy—agrees with John Perry that we're heading for military dictatorship, and "both men blame Barack Obama." Perry shared his "lunatic fantasy" because he can't think of a nonviolent alternative to a coup. But there's one alternative that has worked for 220 years: elections. The best thing to do is ignore these nuts until they come to their senses.

Don't tell me to chill just because "Newsmax is a way-out-there, UFO-sighting, fringe Right publication," said Kathy Kattenburg in The Moderate Voice. "I know it is. But just to see something like this anywhere is extremely scary, and hey, Newsmax says we should take it seriously, so maybe we should."