"You can always rely on Glenn Beck for some outspoken views," said Mike O'Brien in the New York Daily News, "and as the inaugural guest on Katie Couric's new series @KatieCouric he doesn't disappoint." The Fox News host and conservative darling told Couric on her webcast that Republican presidential candidate John McCain would have been worse for the country than President Obama.

Beck's remark was incendiary, said Ed Morrissey in Hot Air, but presumably what he meant, "essentially, is that McCain's no conservative," and that "there's no difference between Republicans and Democrats these days" so conservatives would be better off with a president "the Right doesn't feel pressure to apologize for." The trouble with that logic is that there IS a difference between the parties—on Iran, Afghanistan, and much more.

Right-wing talkers are predictably mad at Glenn Beck over this, said Jason Linkins in The Huffington Post. But the bottom line is that the man is "first and foremost a somewhat mediocre comedian." He has a "desperate need to connect to whatever audience he is standing in front of," and that takes precedence over everything, including his politics.