President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have really done it—they've hurt Dick Cheney's feelings, said Steve Benen in The Washington Monthly. The former vice president said on Fox News Sunday that the decision to investigate whether Bush-era interrogators broke the law by torturing terrorism suspects "offends the hell" out of him, and he might not even cooperate. He even said Obama should be asking him for tips on fighting terror—"the nerve." (watch Dick Cheney talk with Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace about CIA interrogations)

Obama and Holder are the ones who ought to be ashamed, said Dan Spencer in RedState. Cheney called the appointment of a prosecutor a "political act," and he's right—going after people in the previous administration amounts to the "shameless politicization" of the Justice Department. As Cheney said, this sets a "terrible, terrible precedent."

At least now we know precisely where Dick Cheney stands—he thinks it's okay to break the law, said Dave Hackel in The Huffington Post. Cheney went beyond defending the Bush administration's torture policies and said it was okay if interrogators went beyond techniques that were deemed legal. Sorry, Mr. Cheney, but the Constitution doesn't say you're only required to uphold "the laws you like."