Kenyan man sues organizers of national sex boycott
A Kenyan man is suing the organizers of a national sex boycott, claiming that the protest caused him mental and physical suffering. Women’s groups in Kenya recently called for a weeklong denial of marital relations, to protest a political stalemate in the male-dominated Kenyan government. James Kimondo has filed suit, saying the boycott interfered with his “conjugal rights” and caused him “mental anguish, stress, backaches, and lack of concentration.”

Susan Boyle says no to White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner
Homely singing sensation Susan Boyle turned down a chance to meet President Obama because she was too nervous, says the London News of the World. Several TV networks invited Boyle—the Scottish woman whose performance on Britain’s Got Talent caused a global sensation—to last week’s White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, where she would have rubbed shoulders with power brokers and movie stars and met Obama. “It was all too much for her,” said a friend, “so she said no.” Boyle instead spent the evening at home with her beloved cat, Pebbles.

Orangutan escapes from zoo—and then returns
An orangutan escaped from her enclosure at an Australian zoo by using a stick to short-circuit the electric fence. Karta, a 27-year-old female, then constructed a makeshift ladder out of debris and scaled the retaining fence. Once she was free, Karta thought better of the escape and returned to her enclosure. “We’ve had issues with her before where she tries to outsmart the keepers,” said keeper Peter Whitehead. “She’s an ingenious animal.”