Pilot saved by portable toilets
A pilot’s life was saved when his plane crashed into a field of portable toilets. The unnamed 67-year-old had just taken off from the airport in Puyallup, Wash., when the engine of his Cessna failed. Heading back to the runway, the plane struck a fence and crashed upside down in a field of “Honey Bucket” portable restrooms. “The Honey Buckets kind of cushioned things,” said a company official.

Is Madonna "corrupting" Jessica Seinfeld?
Jerry Seinfeld is worried that Madonna is “corrupting” his wife, says The National Enquirer. Until recently, says a friend of the comic, Seinfeld, 55, and wife Jessica, 37, led a tranquil domestic existence. But since Madonna’s recent divorce, the singer has taken Jessica “under her wing,” and decided she needs more “fun.” So Madonna has been taking the mother of two to Manhattan nightspots, leading her husband to worry that she’s meeting “young hotties in tight pants,” the friend says.

Smoking to boost the economy
To boost the local economy, a Chinese county government has ordered officials to smoke their way through 230,000 packs of cigarettes. The government of Gong’an last week assigned each of its departments a quota of locally produced cigarettes to be smoked by year’s end, with fines to be levied against departments that fall short. The smoking binge will shore up cigarette makers, said Chen Nianzu of the Gong’an cigarette market supervision team, and “boost the local economy via the cigarette tax.”