“It was great to hear President Obama” confirming what the Constitution says so clearly, said Steven Benen in The Washington Monthly. The U.S.—Obama stressed in Muslim Turkey—is not a Christian nation. (watch Obama's talking religion in Turkey) Our laws explicitly separate church and state, so it should be obvious to everyone that the U.S. isn’t Muslim, or Jewish, or Christian. If only the far Right would face reality, and “retire this old conservative canard.”

The reality is that we “were born a Christian” nation and we remain one today, said Chuck Norris in Creators.com. The Framers of the Constitution safeguarded religious freedom for all, it’s true. But “it would have struck our Founders as ridiculous" to deny that Judeo-Christian ideas and practices are the foundation of our government and way of life. 

“Christianity has never been a religion or a political party,” said Rich Rollins in The Christian Post. “Christianity has always been a relationship—a relationship with a Savior who loved us and paid the price for our sins.” When all followers of Jesus see this, and “collectively become true Christians, God will use us to change the souls of a nation.”