The Obama administration needs to "cool it," said Joe Weisenthal in Clusterstock. First it attacked CNBC reporter Joe Santelli for criticizing the Obama mortgage rescue plan, and now press secretary Robert Gibbs (watch the video) is attacking CNBC "stock picking icon" Jim Cramer for saying Obama is pushing a "radical agenda" that was destroying investors' wealth (watch Cramer's criticism, and watch an earlier swipe on his show).

Jim Cramer, a former Obama supporter, is feeling "buyer's remorse," said Glenn Reynolds in Instapundit. And he's not alone -- there's a long and growing list of people who suspended "all critical faculties" out of their eagerness to vote for the first black president, but have come to their senses watching the economy tank.

"Oh brother," said Eric Boehlert in Media Matters. It was Cramer's "Mad Money" mindset "that helped set the table for the current economic calamity." Now the CNBC hucksters want everyone to pity Wall Street, even though the truth is that ordinary "citizens are going to spend years bailing out Wall Street and fixing the problems that Cramer's stock market idols helped create."

And you have to admit, said Jake Tapper in ABC News, Gibbs is on solid ground when he attacks Jim Cramer’s credibility. This is, after all, the same Jim Cramer who insisted that Bear Stearns was “fine” right before it collapsed. (watch the video)