Cat survives in car's engine
An Austrian cat has survived nearly a week stuck inside the engine of a man’s car. Peter Hochberger drove more than 300 miles before discovering his neighbors’ cat, named Luna, trapped so deeply in his car’s motor that it had to be dismantled to free her. “I have no idea how she got so far into the engine,” said mechanic Walter Doerfler. Luna was unharmed but for some minor fur singeing.

Saved by a cell phone
A Louisiana man’s cell phone saved his life when it stopped a bullet that struck him in the chest. R.J. Richard, 68, was mowing his lawn when he felt the impact of what he thought was a rock. Upon inspection, he found a bullet lodged in his cell phone, which police speculate came from a hunter’s stray shot. Richard says he doesn’t see his survival as a matter of luck. “I look at this as God telling me to put my cell phone in that pocket,” said Richard. “I’m grateful and humbled.”

Has Michael Jackson converted to Islam?
Michael Jackson has converted to Islam, says the London Sun. The 50-year-old pop icon, clad in “Islamic garb,” was formally inducted into his new faith and given the Islamic name “Mikaeel” at a private shahada ceremony at a friend’s Los Angeles home, says a source. Jackson’s attorney denied the story, but some cynics noted that the news of the supposed conversion was leaked just days before Jackson was due to testify in a $7 million lawsuit filed against him by Bahrain’s Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad al Khalifa—a case that has now been settled.