Bowler's last strike
An avid bowler from Michigan bowled his first perfect game after 45 years of trying, and promptly died. Don Doane, 62, had just rolled his final strike, say witnesses, bringing his score to an unimprovable 300, and was accepting congratulations from teammates when he suffered a massive heart attack and died instantly. “It was like a book, a final chapter,” said teammate Todd Place. “He threw his 300 game with all of his friends, gave each other high-fives, and it’s like the story ended. He died with a smile on his face.”

How Eva Mendes fights aging
Eva Mendes has started hanging upside down to fight the aging process, says The National Enquirer. The actress, 34, spends 20 minutes inverted on a slant-board before photo sessions, movie takes, and even dates, according to a source. Mendes believes that the treatment will delay aging, and that in the short term, “allowing blood flow to your upper body and face will bring on a vibrant ‘flushed-with-youth look.’”

The priest and the potato
A British priest required emergency surgery after a freak accident left him with a potato lodged painfully in his rectum. Trudi Watson, one of the emergency-room nurses who treated the 50-something clergyman, whose name has not been released, said the man claimed to have “been hanging curtains naked in the kitchen when he fell backwards onto the kitchen table and onto a potato.” Added Watson, “it’s not for me to question his story.”