Now we know why John McCain doesn’t use e-mail, said Andrew Malcolm in the Los Angeles Times online. Somebody has hacked into a private e-mail account belonging to Sarah Palin, McCain's running mate, and released some “fairly innocuous” messages (Gawker) and personal photos online.

This is clearly a shocking invasion of Palin’s privacy, said Farhad Manjoo in Slate, but the scandal makes the Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor look a bit “boneheaded.” Or maybe it was a “Rovian or perhaps Cheney-esque partiality for secrecy” that led her to conduct state business over a personal Yahoo account as Trooper-gate investigators examined her state e-mail.

Way to blame the victim, said Kim Priestap in WizBang. The bottom line here is that some left-wing "scum" committed a crime, clearly hoping to help Barack Obama’s campaign. But the  McCain-Palin ticket will get the last laugh, as this unscrupulous attack will only “cause people to sympathize” with Palin.