Good week for:
Myth-making, after the Russian media praised the valor and strength of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for supposedly saving a television crew from an attack by a Siberian tiger. Putin, it was reported, calmly brought the fierce beast down with one perfectly aimed shot from a tranquilizer gun.

Truth in advertising, after a wealthy Manhattan mother posted a Craigslist ad for a nanny that began, “My kids are a pain in the ass,” and went on to describe, in 1,000 words, why the job would make most people miserable. Fifteen people applied, and a 25-year-old woman accepted the job without meeting the children.

after former presidential candidate John Edwards continued to book speaking engagements on “The American Dream” for $65,000. Edwards is not canceling engagements because of the scandal surrounding his extramarital affair, his agent said, and, in fact, is looking to schedule more.

Bad week for:
after Warner Bros. threatened to sue the makers of a Bollywood movie called Hari Puttar. Producer Munish Purii said Hari is a common Indian name and Puttar means son, and that he was in no way trying to exploit the success of Harry Potter.

Escaping reality, after 36-year-old Hattie Callan of New Orleans decided to be among the few residents who stayed in town to ride out Hurricane Gustav. “I’ve got liquor, cash, food, ammo, and weed,” Callan explained.

Lorenzo Knight of Tampa, who locked himself into a construction site’s portable toilet while allegedly fleeing the scene of a crime. Two angry burglary victims tipped over the potty, and when police arrived, they found Knight covered in its contents.