Twenty-six teenage cheerleaders from Texas had to be rescued after they all squeezed into a single elevator. The girls, ages 14 to 17, were attending a cheerleading camp at the University of Texas when they piled into the elevator to see what would happen. The elevator descended three floors, but the doors refused to open, and rescuers were called to free the girls, one of whom fainted. “There are signs everywhere,” said a frustrated Rhonda Weldon of the campus police. “Take the sign seriously: ‘No more than 15 people or 3,000 pounds.’”

Jennifer Aniston is so entranced with new boyfriend John Mayer that she hopes to have children with him. “She is having the best sex of her life with John,” a friend of the actress tells Star. “You couldn’t wipe the smile off her face if you tried.” After having watched ex-husband Brad create a large family with Angelina Jolie, Aniston, 39, now wants a baby. “Jen feels so strongly that John is ‘the one,’” says the friend. “She’s saying, ‘It’s my turn now.’”

A British dog is recovering after swallowing a 2-foot-long stick. Hector, a Great Dane, ate the stick while frolicking in a garden, and then ate a full dinner. It was only the next morning that owner Pamela Panting realized there was a problem. “He wouldn’t touch his breakfast and he was drooling a lot,” said Panting. A vet removed the stick with long forceps. “You hear of dogs swallowing strange things,” said veterinarian Lenny Cooper, “but a stick this length is very unusual.”