A diabetic Illinois woman is recovering in a hospital after her dog chewed off her big toe. Linda Floyd, 56, who suffers numbness in her extremities, says she dozed off in Toethe afternoon with her 1-year-old miniature dachshund, Roscoe, snuggled at her feet, and awoke several hours later to find Roscoe gnawing on her foot. Floyd cried out, and her daughter ran into the room. “I didn’t think when I went in there I was going to see that,” said Elizabeth Floyd, 23. “It’s hard to take in when you walk in a room and there’s a dog eating your mom.”

Hugh Hefner nearly choked to death while romping with a young Playmate, says The National Enquirer. A soon-to-be-released biography of the Playboy founder will reveal that Hefner was in bed with Sondra Theodore, Playboy’s Playmate for July 1977, when “a small sex toy” became lodged in his throat, cutting off his breathing. As Hefner gasped on the bed, the quick-thinking Theodore pumped Hef’s chest until the toy was dislodged. “What a way that would have been for him to go!” says an insider.

British doctors are mystified by a man who seems to be spontaneously turning into a woman. Terry Wright, 60, a father of five, says that over the last 10 years he has lost his beard and developed breasts. Local kids now call him “She-Man.” Tests confirm that Wright has unusually high levels of the female hormone estrogen, but doctors have so far found no cause. A distraught Wright says he has no interest in changing sexes. “Doctors call me “‘an interesting case,’” he tells the London Sun, “but I just want to go back to being a proper man.”