What happened
Hillary Clinton was welcomed with cheers from Senate colleagues and staff as she returned to Capitol Hill on Tuesday for the first time since ending her presidential campaign. Clinton said her next goal was to do the best job possible as a senator. "I am rolling up my sleeves and getting back to work," she said. (Bloomberg)

What the commentators said
“The return made Clinton appear larger than life,” said Dana Milbank in The Washington Post. She was swarmed by journalists and greeted with high-fives from colleagues, and Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) said the scene was “like a Roman triumph.” The other senators told Clinton they needed her back, but what they really need is “her 18 million supporters—and they were tripping over themselves to make nice to the fallen candidate.”

Yes, “but the first day back is inevitably followed by the second,” said Amie Parnes and Martin Kady II in Politico. The red carpet has been rolled up, and “Clinton must now confront whatever lies ahead.” And as she wades back into the grind on Capitol Hill, “she’s still the junior senator from New York, lacking any leadership title or chairmanship.”

It was clear by her reception in the Senate “Clinton will be a far more prominent figure than the usual measures of Senate power might suggest,” said Richard Simon in the Los Angeles Times. Her legions of supporters are still loyal. She and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, are political superstars, "and her words and actions will be sifted like tea leaves in the coming presidential campaign and beyond.”