Scientists are investigating the case of a Bosnian man whose house keeps getting hit by meteors. Astrogeologists at Belgrade University confirm that the home of Radivoje Lajic has been struck five times by rocks from outer space, and they are testing a theory that local magnetic fields are attracting the meteors. Lajic says that he is “obviously being targeted by extraterrestrials. I don’t know what I have done to annoy them, but there is no other explanation that makes sense.”

Hollywood power-friends Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham are sharing meals to help each other stay thin, says Life & Style. At a recent lunch in Los Angeles, Holmes and Beckham ordered one green salad, a single piece of fish, and a side order of spinach, then split the single meal between them. They washed it down with a single Coca-Cola poured into two glasses half-filled with water. “They do it all the time,” says a witness. “It’s how they control calories.”

Six police cruisers with screaming sirens responded to reports of an emergency at a Colorado day-care center, only to find a teacher and a parent arguing over a child’s favorite “Ba-ba.” Police say a child wanted to bring his blanket into the Willows Child Learning Center, but a teacher said that it was against policy, since blankets can carry germs. When the child’s father objected, day-care employees called the police, saying it was an emergency. The father pulled his child out of day care and left, while police told the day-care center to save emergency calls for more serious situations.