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Major Indiana employers slam new abortion law

Two large corporations based in Indiana — pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and engine manufacturer Cummins — criticized the state's restrictive new abortion law on Saturday, The New York Times reported.

Eli Lilly said in a statement that the company "will be forced to plan for more employment growth outside our home state" and that it has expanded its employee health plan to cover travel expenses for out-of-state abortions.

A spokesperson for Cummins stated that restrictions on abortion would "impede" the company's "ability to attract and retain top talent." Each company employs about 10,000 people in the Hoosier state.

Indiana's new abortion law, which Gov. Eric Holcomb signed Friday, bans all abortions except in cases of rape, incest, lethal fetal abnormality, or serious health risk to the mother. In a statement issued after he signed the bill, Holcomb acknowledged that abortion is an "emotional and complex topic" and that the debate over the issue "is unlikely to cease any time soon."