Chris Christie on Thursday held a press conference in which he apologized for the bridge scandal that has engulfed his political career, and answered dozens (and dozens and dozens) of questions about it.

It was a long press conference. So long that, at 108 minutes, it was longer than:

  • Best Picture–winning films Annie Hall (93 minutes), The Artist (100 minutes), and Casablanca (102 minutes)
  • The time it takes to deep fry a 25-pound turkey (87.5 minutes)
  • Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde, one of rock music's first ever double albums (73 minutes)
  • …and the Beatles' famous twofer, The White Album (93.5 minutes)
  • The quickest nine-inning major league baseball game ever (51 minutes)
  • Half an average NFL game, counting commercials (96 minutes)
  • The fastest half-marathon (58 minutes)
  • The record-breaking time it took this mom to eat a 72-ounce steak ( < 3 minutes)
  • This video of red pandas playing in the snow (< 2 minutes)
  • The projected length of Mitt, a documentary about the presidential candidate who passed over Christie as a potential running mate (94 minutes)
  • Chris Christie's 2011 press conference announcing he would not run for president (~60 minutes)
  • A drive from Trenton, N.J., to Fort Lee, N.J. (73 minutes)