On Wednesday night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart decided that the top story of the day wasn't Syria (for once), but rather New York City's mayoral primary election. Stewart gave a warm welcome to Democratic winner Bill de Blasio and his "incredibly awesome" family — especially afro-haired son Dante. (Watch below.)

But he gave equal time to one of the Democratic primary losers, former Rep. Anthony Weiner. Stewart mocked Weiner's understated contention that he was merely an "imperfect messenger" for what he views as his superior policy proposals, walked us through Weiner's ignominious departure from his "victory" party, and then brought on senior correspondent John Oliver, who did his share of mocking Weiner over the summer.

Stewart tried gamely to get Oliver to admit that he will kind of miss having Weiner to kick around. Oliver wouldn't play along, and he even refused to do his "Carlos Danger" dance, because he didn't have the stomach to mock the sad, "pathetic" politician anymore. Stewart got Oliver to relent by forcefully pointing out that he's a comedian, not a human being. The dance, to a slow, minor version of the "Danger" song, was sad.

Stewart is evidently very happy about de Blasio's potential election as New York City's next mayor. He was especially excited about the candidate's family. "Adopt me," Stewart pleaded. New York might be ready for "a charismatic, biracial family with their own signature synchronized dance moves" after 12 years of Michael "Capt. Soda-Narc" Bloomberg, Stewart added:

Finally, Stewart took a moment to mock the gaffe-filled press conference GOP Reps. Michele Bachmann (Minn.), Louie Gohmert (Texas), and Steve King (Iowa) gave in Egypt last weekend. He enlisted the help of Daily Show regular Samantha Bee plus actor/writers (and guests) Bob Odenkirk and David Cross. Watch: