Hey, I'm alive! says Bronx man
A Bronx man lost his Medicaid benefits and had his credit cards canceled and his tax payments rejected after a hospital mistakenly declared him dead. Juan Antonio Arias, 57, insists he’s alive, despite a death certificate filed four years ago that bears his name, Social Security number, and date of birth. No government agency or bank will believe him, so Arias filed a lawsuit demanding reinstatement of his living status.

Kuwati man lures loose lion into car
A Kuwaiti man was hailed as a hero after he lured a runaway lion into his car, and locked it there with him until police arrived. The man spotted the young adult lion prowling the streets of a Kuwait City suburb, but instead of running away, he coaxed the beast to jump into the back seat of his car. The animal—which escaped from a private zoo—got angry and shredded the vehicle’s interior. It was later transferred to a shelter by police. “People must be very cautious when they select the animals they want to keep as pets in their homes,” said a police spokesman.

Needed: One human toe
A bar in the Canadian Yukon is advertising for a human toe after a patron swallowed the key ingredient in its legendary “Sourtoe Cocktail.” The cocktail, served by the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Yukon, consists of a shot of Yukon Jack whiskey with a mummified human toe. Patrons are supposed to let the toe kiss their lips as they down the shot, but a patron known only as “Josh from New Orleans” recently swallowed it. So the hotel is asking for a new toe on its website in an ad that begins, “Got frostbite?”