Scared thieves surrender
Police in New Haven, Conn., frightened a pair of suspected car thieves into surrendering by barking at them like dogs. The two masked men had holed up in an abandoned house, where police surrounded them and threatened to unleash their canine units. But since there were no police dogs available, officers woofed like angry German shepherds. The suspects quickly surrendered. “These cops were trained to do stuff like that,” said eyewitness Gideon Gurley.

Princess Diana's gay evening
Princess Diana once cross-dressed as a man to sneak into a gay club, according to a new book. In her memoir, British comedian Cleo Rocos says that she, the princess, and Queen singer Freddie Mercury were partying in 1988 when Mercury suggested they go to a gay bar. “Let the girl have some fun,’’ Mercury said. He disguised Diana in an army jacket, cap, and aviator sunglasses, and none of the leather-clad bar patrons recognized her. “She sort of disappeared,’’ Rocos said. “But she loved it.” In her thank-you note, Diana wrote, “We must do it again!”

Students face felony charges for spiking teacher's tea
Two Virginia middle school students are facing felony charges for allegedly spiking their teacher’s tea with alcohol-laden hand sanitizer. Jane Miller, 66, said she didn’t notice the Germ-X that the 13-year-olds surreptitiously added to her drink, despite its 60 percent alcohol content. “When you’re walking and teaching, you’re thirsty,” she said. “I just gulp.” The boys’ motive is still unclear. “It’s hard to get into an adolescent’s mind,” said Miller. “The class I teach was math review, and a lot of them aren’t too keen on math.”