On Nov. 26, 2007, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) joined the still-young Twitter revolution, tweeting the simple-yet-direct message "Attending events in Iowa." Since then he has racked up more than 2,400 tweets, 65,500 followers, and a strangely loyal fan base. "If you're on Twitter and not following Sen. Chuck Grassley, you're not using Twitter correctly," says Elahe Izadi at National Journal. "Twitter just speaks to some people," says Virginia Heffernan at Yahoo News, and Grassley is definitely one of them. Iowa's senior senator says he took to Twitter to bypass the "liberal" media filter, but he's turned mundane musings into a sort of minimalist poetry. So here, some of the haiku-like 140-character (or less) musings of the Bard of New Hartford, starting with his greatest hit: