GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain, dogged by allegations of a 13-year affair and multiple sexual harassment claims, is expected to announce as soon as Saturday whether he'll drop out of the race. Meanwhile, the Cain campaign has taken the strange step of launching a special "Women for Cain" section on its website, purportedly chaired by Cain's little-seen wife, Gloria. Under a stock photo of four exuberant young ladies giving a "thumbs up," the mini-site features testimonials by women who support Cain. Some lash out at the candidate's accusers. "Dear Mrs. Cain, Don't pay attention to these pathetic husband-less women who are jealous of women like you in happy long-term marriages," one supporter reportedly wrote in a post that has since been removed. "These vindictive women can't find a husband or keep one." Predictably enough, "Women for Cain" has commentators cracking wise:

Mission statement
It's fascinating to see women "support" Cain at this "unbelievably creepy" website, says Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs. "And by 'support,' I mean 'viciously attack Cain's female accusers.'"

Just to clarify
"Women for Cain" is "a group not affiliated with Women Making Allegations About Herman Cain," right, asks Richard Hyfler at Forbes.

"First of all, 'Women for Cain' sounds like Herman Cain's personal dating service," says Gonzalo Cordova at Comedy Central's Indecision blog. "Second of all, the site contains 35 testimonials from women who support Herman Cain — Why not nine?" This is a "rare numbers-related miss, Herman."

Looking good
"The design decision to use a carefully selected stock photo entitled, 'Four happy young women holding their thumbs up,' only reinforces that visceral Cain aura of thoughtful advocacy on behalf of womankind everywhere," says Noreen Malone at New York.

Contact information
"Oh look! Herman Cain has launched an adorable purply website for the ladies where they can write in and say flattering things about their favorite sex creep," says Kirsten Boyd Johnson at Wonkette. "Don"t forget to include your picture, where you live and your email address while you’re at it, ladies!... Herman Cain's little black book has been getting a little thin these days!"

Watch out
The candidate is reportedly going home for a "kitchen summit" with his wife, says Rumproast. And while his wife is supposedly behind "Women for Cain," really, "if I were Herman, I’d hide the knives, rolling pin, and garlic crusher before starting in."