WorldNetDaily, a hard-line conservative website, has dropped hard-line conservative commentator Ann Coulter as a keynote speaker at its "Taking America Back National Conference" next month over her connections to a gay Republican association. WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah said that Coulter's plan to address GOProud's "Homocon 2010" event lends support to that group's "very 'unconservative' agenda," including its fight for same-sex marriage and gays in the military. Coulter, who will keep writing a weekly column for WND, says it's "silly" to interpret her appearance as an endorsement of those positions. Is WorldNetDaily sticking to its conservative guns, or going off the deep end?

The "rabid right" has truly lost it: This far-right purging of anyone who strays from a "very narrow, very limiting agenda" is getting ridiculous, says Rick Moran at The Moderate Voice. Coulter is the "Queen of the Conservative Punditocracy," and — except for its support of gay marriage and its opposition to don't ask, don't tell — GOProud is "about as mainstream conservative as you can get." WorldNetDaily's reaction proves the "rabid right wing" has gone completely off the rails.
"Ann Coulter not conservative enough for WorldNetDaily conference"

If anyone's hurting conservatives, it's Coulter: Joseph Farah said disinviting Coulter was a "gut-wrenching" decision, because he admires her, says Joe Kovacs at WorldNetDaily. But principles are principles, and her connection to a group with an agenda WorldNetDaily doesn't support meant she had to go. Instead of bowing out gracefully, Coulter called Farah a "'swine' and a publicity whore" — so who's the one going off the deep end?
"Ann Coulter slams Farah as 'swine,' publicity whore"

WorldNetDaily gives conservatism a bad name: WorldNetDaily's "intolerance" and "wacko positions" put it "on the outside fringe of the conservative movement," says Jeff Dunetz at Big Government. The site's "infamous promotion of the discredited birther story" was bad enough. But turning on someone like Ann Coulter just provides "fodder for liberal propaganda."
"WorldNetDaily's intolerance is bad for conservatives"