In the battle for Florida's Republican Senate nomination, Gov. Charlie Crist has fallen far behind rival Marco Rubio in recent polls. So far, in fact, that Crist has even considered running at an Independent just to stay in the race. But his struggle may have just gotten more difficult with Sarah Palin "endorsing" Rubio, an enthusiastic Tea Party supporter, at the 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Convention (SRLC) this weekend.

A reporter for Florida political blog the Shark Tank caught the former Alaska governor on camera after her SRLC keynote address, and asked if she would "endorse" Rubio for Senate. "I love Marco Rubio!" replied Palin. "Marco, keep up the good work. Call me." While "it's not an official endorsement," says Kyle Munzenrieder in the Miami New Times, it certainly seems that "Palin is a fan of Rubio." Not that Rubio needs Palin's help, says Ed Morrissey in Hot Air. Crist has already squandered his senatorial chances so throughly, "he couldn’t do more to lose this race if he tried." Watch the video below: