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Good week for:

Director James Cameron, whose Avatar broke the world box office record he’d set with a previous film, Titanic. The 3-D science-fiction film has brought in $1.86 billion in just 39 days. 

History repeating itself, after a ring belonging to Alexander the Great was stolen from an exhibition in Israel called “Antiqui­ties Theft in Israel,” a collection of previously stolen artifacts.

White men who can’t jump, after a former wrestling promoter announced plans to start an all-white basketball league.  Don “Moose” Lewis denied any racist feelings, but said it was a fact that blacks dominate the NBA. “Here’s a league for white players to play fundamental basketball, which they like,” he said.

Bad week for:

Reading books, after Laredo, Texas, lost its only bookstore, a B. Dalton located in a mall. Now, the closest bookstore to the city’s 250,000 inhabitants is 150 miles away, in San Antonio.

Art appreciation, after a student attending a class at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City lost her balance and fell into The Actor, a large painting by Pablo Picasso. She grabbed the canvas and tore the lower right-hand corner, thereby reducing its value from $130 million to $65 million.

Equal-opportunity employment, after a British government-run jobs center rejected an ad from a company specifying that applicants “must be very reliable and hardworking.” A government official told the company that it could get sued “for discriminating against unreliable people.”