Sarah Palin has apparently joined the ranks of the “birthers.” In an interview with conservative talk radio host Rusty Humphries, Palin said it is "fair game" politically to ask Obama to produce his long-form birth certificate to prove he’s eligible to be president. (Watch Sarah Palin's comments in the video below) Palin later softened the statement on her Facebook page, saying she’s never "suggested that he was not born in the United States." Will the ex-Governor's endorsement of the birthers legitimize their fact-challenged theories, or further erode Palin's credibility?

Palin’s the gift that keeps on giving: "You just gotta' love Sarah Palin," says Jed Lewison in Daily Kos. Just when you think she’s "reached her kookiest extreme," she "goes birther." Let’s hope Palin’s new birtherism inspires the GOP base to nominate this "neverending fountain of crazy" for president in 2012. Democrats couldn’t ask for a softer target. "Special note for Sarah: in case you hadn't heard, President Obama is a natural-born U.S. citizen."
"Palin goes birther"

Palin's liberal critics are hypocrites: "Hardcore Obama supporters" should know something about "birthers," says Aleister in American Glob, since they used a far nastier birther "smear campaign" against Palin last year, demanding to see proof that Palin's son Trig was actually hers.
"Sarah Palin Finally Gets Back at the 'Birthers'"

If nothing else, it was a Palin learning moment: Poor Sarah. says Allahpundit in Hot Air. She should know by now that "the best way not to get tagged as a Birther" is to refrain from saying that it's right to make this an issue. "Palin just discovered the First Rule of Blogs: Don’t feed the trolls."
"Palin: Obama's birth certificate is fair game."

It was a reckless move, but never underestimate Palin: "At first glance, Palin is tossing red meat to partisans — tossing it way out there…way beyond the nation’s political center," says Joe Gandelman at the Moderate Voice. And she'll pay the price. "It's getting harder to imagine a Palin victory [in 2012] if this kind of overspeak repeats itself. She will be too far “out there” for some conservatives. But Democrats are deluding themselves if they underestimate her….With Huckabee gone or sinking, Palin’s chances are greater than before.
"Is Palin A Birther Who Thinks Obama Birth Certificate Is An Issue? Or a Serial Gaffer?"