Sarah Palin is ostensibly touring the country to promote her new memoir, says Matthew Continetti in The Wall Street Journal, but everyone knows she's really laying the ground for "a possible run for the White House in 2012." Though 90 percent of Democrats think Sarah Palin is unqualified to lead the country and—according to at least one poll—about four in nine Republicans concur, the idea that the former Governor could win a 2012 presidential election is starting to take hold. Would she have a chance? (Watch MSNBC panelists debate whether Sarah Palin will run for president in 2012)

Inexplicably, many Republicans find Palin presidential:
Though McCain's erstwhile running mate is claiming that a presidential run is not on her "radar," says Richard Cohen in The Washington Post, her promotional tour includes a stop in Iowa, the first primary state, "and you know what that means." It's unthinkable to me, but most Republicans "have a quite irrational belief that she would not make a bad president" because she will "act out their resentments" against the media and blue state sophisticates.
"The GOP has found its patron saint in Sarah Palin"

Come on! She can't even win against Levi Johnston:
All we're learning from Palin's "rehab" tour is that she is truly a "vindictive, spiteful person," says Joan Walsh in Salon. Seriously, if you can't win a PR battle with a teenage high-school dropout [Johnston], are you really the right person to negotiate with world leaders, run the federal government, and outwit al Qaeda?"
"I have Palin fatigue already"

Voter appeal's what counts — and Palin has it: With more charisma than Romney and Pawlenty combined, says DeWayne Wickham in USA Today, Sarah Palin already has what it takes to win: The ability to campaign. She also has "a level of personal wealth — something serious candidates must have." And "thanks to her best-selling book," she's getting enough attention now to pull off "a political resurrection."
"Palin's resurrection toward 2012 begins with a book"

Palin will matter in 2012, one way or another: Even if she doesn't win the nomination in 2012, says Rich Lowry in National Review Online, the GOP will need the votes of "the roiling grassroots revolt" she represents. Whether as a candidate or as a powerbroker, Palin has to be part of the Republican answer to Obama."
"Sarah Palin's roguish charm"


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